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Stacy's Real Elevator Pitch

Only 3% of all venture capital funding goes to female-founded businesses. We are ready to see that percentage rise.

Are you a female founder who is looking to be heard? Pitch your business idea and we could make that happen. Let’s rise together.

Learn more about the Real Elevator Pitch and how to craft your own.


If you want more help on perfecting your pitch check out this How-To-Guide that breaks down giving an elevator pitch step-by-step.

All who apply are invited join the WomanMade Food & Bev Community that is dedicated to advancing female-founded businesses in the food and beverage space. In this free community you’ll gain access to business resources, funding opportunities, peer-to-peer mentorship and industry mentors to help advance your business.

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About the Rise Project

Staying true to our roots as a female-founded brand, Stacy’s is committed to empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs on their paths to establishing successful businesses.

To further our mission, Stacy’s® launched the Rise Project, a program dedicated to helping women grow their food and beverage ventures through funding, mentorship, and community. To date, Stacy’s has invested more than $300,000 to #HelpWomenRise.


To commemorate Women’s History Month, last March six female illustrators created award-winning limited-edition bags, each representing a critical step on the journey to becoming a female entrepreneur. These bags will be available for purchase in retail stores across the country to celebrate Women’s History Month in 2020.

Stacy's Bags

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